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  • Success Secrets 06

    Taking away systems, processes or procedures that actually work very well can be an excellent way of controlling your staff and ensuring that they don’t show up your inadequacies. Some managers make the mistake of allowing intelligent, innovative, able and proactive staff to set up systems that work extremely well for the customers, the employees […]

  • Success Secrets 05

    Destroy the real expert As a Leader you must always be in charge and surround yourself with those who will support your game. If you’re willing to play a long game you can rise even higher on the talent and success of those who are so absorbed in their achievements that by the time they […]

  • Success Secrets 04

    “Move Champions” A sign of a brilliant manager is your ability to take a word that can have deep significance to people and give it prominence in your organisation by linking it to projects, logos, “values”, and the frequent use of fatuous jargon. Your ability to force this use of a word on the minions […]

  • Success Secrets 03

    How to run IT Support In order to make sure that your IT support section is successful and is always needed, you must first make sure that your organisation is using software and systems that are going to require support. There is a multitude of ways to do this, so the focus today is on […]

  • Success Secrets 02

    A great way to keep staff under control is to ensure that you reprimand them — nicely, of course — for little things to do with protocols and procedures. This helps them understand the way things should be done and act in a way that helps you fulfil your incredibly important role. Naturally, at times, […]

  • Success Secrets 01

    One of the best ways to assert your dominance in an organisation – as long as you are far enough up the hierarchy – is to have a reorganisation in which you make perfectly competent and able people reapply for the jobs they are currently doing spectacularly well. The more integral and essential they are […]