Category: Writing

  • Darkness arises with the Dawn

    Inspiration for this comes from Australia’s Liberal Party, sections of the Labor Party, One Nation, and various others. The darkness arises with the dawn waking with fell purpose bred in festering dreams. Soulless vapour cloaks its empty blackness in a facade of humanity with skin all soft and cream. A suit and shoes, briefcase and […]

  • Tribute to Our Times

    A choking pall oozes across this once proud land, emanating from the tightening grip of a vitriolic hand extending from a soul poisoned and obsessed with revenge and rending the fabric of civility, leading to an ignoble end. Whatever it was that was fair, honourable and humane, of those sustaining qualities little will remain when […]

  • The Leader

    Don’t bother me with facts or evidence today, They too inconveniently get in the way of my desired plans and grandiose schemes that I pluck from fantasy and wild day dreams. It’s important to remember that I’m Prime Minister, I’ve worked all my life to become Your Leader, I went to the vote and passed […]

  • Light after Dark

    It may be cliché to say light follows the darkness, but still it’s a truth to which we can harken. When greed and self-interest steal the narrative, it’s time for the light to become active. Ignorance and poverty are powerful weapons that keep the suppressed from learning the lessons that create opportunity that is equal […]

  • The Last Bird

    8 June 2014 A sunset so brilliant was never seen except in times so long in the past that none had arisen who could have been witness to the splendour of the cosmic blast whence came the rock from which we crawled. Once we crawled we grew in numbers and walked across lands we overthrew […]