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  • You should just know

    My article on the extraordinary phenomenon of how one is just supposed to know something:

  • “Unprecedented”

    My article on about how to destroy a word:

  • Success Secrets 06

    Taking away systems, processes or procedures that actually work very well can be an excellent way of controlling your staff and ensuring that they don’t show up your inadequacies. Some managers make the mistake of allowing intelligent, innovative, able and proactive staff to set up systems that work extremely well for the customers, the employees…

  • Success Secrets 04

    “Move Champions” A sign of a brilliant manager is your ability to take a word that can have deep significance to people and give it prominence in your organisation by linking it to projects, logos, “values”, and the frequent use of fatuous jargon. Your ability to force this use of a word on the minions…

  • On “Team Straya”

    The gentry of Team Straya now have their Titles back ’cause our anglophile PM thought it was so slack that there was no noticeable remnant of medieval tradition for the entitled to further aggrandise their position. “The Age of Entitlement is gone”, we have been told by the Lord Chamberlain so big, certain and bold;…