On “Team Straya”

The gentry of Team Straya now have their Titles back
’cause our anglophile PM thought it was so slack
that there was no noticeable remnant of medieval tradition
for the entitled to further aggrandise their position.

“The Age of Entitlement is gone”, we have been told
by the Lord Chamberlain so big, certain and bold;
but it’s important to have Knights and Dames once again
so with airs of importance they can themselves entertain.

It’s important too to be surrounded by servants
fulfilling each whim and being fully observant,
so quickly they can anticipate the needs of their Betters
and in their busyness not complain of their fetters.

The parties, champagne, luxuriant grandeur and glory
leave no time for a small jot of concern or worry
about climate, the poor, the weak or responsibility
but to the delusions of mindless frivolity.

But the echo of Ozymandias sneaks up behind,
and erodes self-entitlement with invisible wind,
chipping away the gloss of hubris and greed
and exposing beneath Ego’s desperate need.

And when the edifice of self importance lies in ruins,
a resilient spirit can embrace and nurture with fervour
the soil, sea and air, and all that lives intertwined therein,
and sweep away the foul remnants of oppression forever.

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