Darkness arises with the Dawn

Inspiration for this comes from Australia’s Liberal Party, sections of the Labor Party, One Nation, and various others.

The darkness arises with the dawn
waking with fell purpose bred in festering dreams.
Soulless vapour cloaks its empty blackness
in a facade of humanity with skin all soft and cream.

A suit and shoes, briefcase and accessories added,
accoutrement of political mundanity worn with guile,
effective deceit oozes smiles into the day
and charms with urbanity as its disguise.

The cloakéd darkness welcomes your despite –
there is no heart within, which you can hurt –
and its enduring immunity to your cries
intends the wearied indifference of your spirit.

Its awful purpose pierces through each day’s future
stealthily weaving insidious worship of greed;
self-interest and entitlement are what it nurtures
and the pain of the unfortunate feeds its need.

All words of comfort and pure intent,
they wield with surgical precision,
slicing deep into the heart of your fears,
and, seduced, you hear not their silent derision.

They follow only a path of self-absorbed ego
emboldened by the strength of dark alliances
which entice such beings their souls to forgo
in exchange for the power to shape their dalliances.

A game to them is this play with your heart
and seeping of poison into your mind,
their sepulchral smiles won from your hurt
as they turn you stealthily from your own kind.

[ 30 Aug 2018, still a work in progress ]

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