Light after Dark

It may be cliché to say light follows the darkness,
but still it’s a truth to which we can harken.
When greed and self-interest steal the narrative,
it’s time for the light to become active.

Ignorance and poverty are powerful weapons
that keep the suppressed from learning the lessons
that create opportunity that is equal for all,
and allow the Thieves to create a barrier wall.

Keep them struggling with little money to survive,
and ensure equal education we do not provide;
for an educated populace puts us on collision
with forces that threaten our privileged position.

That is what their contrived actions say
while their thoughts are secret day after day.
It’s time to bring light, education and love
to help the suppressed stand and rise above.

Demand real facts and expose those that are false,
When the Thieves contrive spin that is worse
than blatant lies because of its seductive power
as it is spun and spread wide hour by hour.

Help people learn and see through the web
of deceit that keeps them in poverty and dread;
Because sweet words can make them follow,
but may be disguised poison for them to swallow.

15 June 2014
©Peter Frank Thompson

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