The Leader

Don’t bother me with facts or evidence today,
They too inconveniently get in the way
of my desired plans and grandiose schemes
that I pluck from fantasy and wild day dreams.

It’s important to remember that I’m Prime Minister,
I’ve worked all my life to become Your Leader,
I went to the vote and passed the test;
That’s proof for me that my ideas are best.

What need have I of science or good theory?
When you shout for evidence, it’s so terribly dreary.
What I say is so, is the way that things are,
and for global warming I really don’t care.

We must not bend or give in to the enemy,
and at all costs revere our god, The Economy.
This concept that lives in our minds as real thing,
with due obeisance will true great treasures bring.

The Environment is only tedious externality,
and the bleating from greenies mere banality.
With faith and delusion we can ignore
all the threats scientists say are in store.

I don’t understand the way science progresses,
ideas against The Economy are vile transgresses.
How can new evidence require us to change
and our ideas of how things work rearrange?

You don’t need facts, figures and thought,
you just need faith is what I was taught.
So trust me, my subjects, and let me lead,
and all that science crap don’t bother to read.

I’ll do the bidding of the powerful and rich
and to the grovelling poor I won’t give an inch;
I’d be mad to take on those at the top
when it’s easier to kick the lower-class crop.

In ravaging compassion I’ll be very thorough,
and to brook any complaint, I will not bother.
All the knowledge I need, I know I have,
and I warn you all, it’s time to behave.

I am The Leader, so listen to me,
Follow me now and you will see
we don’t need science or theory or thought,
such things with confusion are terribly fraught.

Keep your mind simple and free,
find freedom in being just like me;
No care for the weak and impoverished we need,
on hard work and simple scraps they can feed.

Through financial pain and suffering and long hard toil,
the poor can keep the powerful rolling in good oil
and coal to burn and steadily clog the planet’s air,
but as long as The Economy’s good, we need not care.

I am The Leader and you will follow,
every whim and wish in which I wallow,
I need no advice and counsel from you,
All others but me I deem as a fool.

Whatever floats into my head today
and which you claim that I did say,
tomorrow I’ll deny it and claim that weren’t it;
the problem is yours, it’s the way you interpret.

I know that I know what I think I’m thinking.
By the way, it wasn’t a wink, I was blinking.
I am The Leader and answer only to my god,
at least until it commands something odd …

For, then, I know best because my brain doesn’t rest,
You have to remember, I’m here, I passed the test.
I’m an action man, and of science not a reader,
My own thoughts are all I need to be Leader.

Whence come my whims and great inspiration?
Who knows, but be sure I’m here for the duration.
So, I am The Leader and I’ll tell you what’s what
and compassion and care are a load of rot.

Take your science and great theories,
I reckon you must be away with the fairies.
I think I reckon I have a clue when I say,
When I became PM, it was a glorious day.

I am The Leader and I’m here to stay.
It’s best not to try to get in my way.
If you complain and push me any further
you will feel the mighty wrath of The Leader.

©2014 Peter Frank Thompson

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